Saturday, March 04, 2006

Post Olympic Knitting

I have started on my MysteryShawl3

This is Clues 1a &b. Beautiful isn't it. I am using 8ply merino from Willabaa in Ballarat. Unfortunately, this spinnery has closed so what I have in stash is for me.. it. So this lovey will be knitted in several colours. This is the first colour and I have only a small amount left. I will then move onto a darker pink, then it will be purple then lastly blue. The colours go well together.

This clue has blocked out to 56cm a side. I am going to have a lovely snuggly blanky for this winter. I am sooo pleased with myself. Thankyou Renee for this design.

The socks are continuing as well, they are now my passenger socks.


kirsi said...

Your shawl looks beautiful. I could imagine colours, they would be beautiful. I haven't start mine yet, too many yarn choices and too little time.

Jan said...

That looks beautiful. I still have a bit of edging to do on Mystery Shawl 2. Was going well and summer happened. I'm using 8 ply wool as well which I think came from the Knitting Loft in Melbourne. Cost about $5. I really wanted something very cosy just for me.

Your colours sound lovely.


ObsessiveCompulsive Crafter said...

your shawl is looking beautiful. I love the color.

Emily said...

Beautiful! It will be neat to see a multi-colored version.

heidi said...

beautiful indeed! Can't wait to see it finished.