Tuesday, March 31, 2009


After much to do, I am back to blogging. Not sure for how long or how regularly but I will try for once a week.


I have sold all the coloured sheep! and bought a new washing machine!!! I now only have 6 white sheep left. A bit sad but I was allmost out of feed for them so selling was the best option. Plus I needed the money as both my 5kg washers died. I now have a 7.5kg fisher and paykel that is a dream to use.

Milly is now almost 2. Hasn't the time just flown. Toilet training and talking are the go with her.

David is a big boy in grade 1. He loves school.

Mark is a few months away from his "L's". Scarey.

After not knitting for around 4 months I am now at it again. I recently competed in the latest Death by socks with one kill. I am now knitting a baby set from Drops Designs. Showing my confidence in my knitting I am steeking the cardigan. The idea of doing stranded knitting back and forth just sends me to sleep. So in the round I went. I am now knitting the sleeves.

I will show and tell when I have finished it.

I am also knitting a pair of socks for Milly. She has been fondling my knitting and yarn plus stealing my socks. So how could I deny her?

Off to knit some more.