Monday, October 22, 2007

Following TAFTA

This is what has happened to one packet of top. I am thinking of plying it with a white single instead of navajo plying.

I am hoping that there will be enough for a EZ baby surprize jacket. But I doubt it.

Farm news. We had to throw out 4 days of eggs. I had the realization that I would NEVER get them processed and stay sane. So dumped they were. Very depressing. All that hard work for nothing.

On the otherhand, I am now up to date. Now I am working on getting the house back in order. Starting with the washing. David is sick and will be going to the dr's again tomorrow morning. I am hopeing that by being there at 8am as they start we will be in and out quickly. I hope.

Milly has started on adult food now. Just tastes of what I am eating and her cereal every evening. Only a desert spoon full so far but she does love her mashed spuds. Yes with butter and milk and LUMPS. No gagging or choking. Just lots of chewing.

I am knitting another pair of Sock Wars2 scar socks. These will be for the Bloke.

Off to make a bed (mine) then I hope to lay in it.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Friday, October 19, 2007




I forgot to take photos of the socks I was knitting................................................

so take me out the back and shoot me.

Milly barely slept last night so I didn't either. so there!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Janya of Carlton. I have you in my sights.

cue mad laughter fading into distance.

Lookee, Lookee, from a Pear tree (yarn that is)

Elizabeth Zimmermans booties

My own socks with short row heel

cabled toddler socks

sarjes booties

Milly LOVES yarn!!