Monday, January 23, 2006

I Joined !

Righto. I found out about the yarn harlots knitting olympics and so have joined.

I have finally decedided to knit socks. Not just any socks, noooo, these are Black socks for my darling.

They will be knitted toe-up, sherman heel/toes, 3/2 rib until the yarn runs out. Or I will have to join yarn in and knit for 25cm for the leg. I feel I will have to increase along the foot as his instep is 11" round and the ball of his foot is 9" . His ankle is 11" but his calf increases to 16". Seriously BIG calves.

Hey seriously muscly bloke here, once a weightlifter and rugby player. So you get the image. mMMM.

So my Knitting Olympic Challenge is to knit him 2 or more pairs of BLACK as sin socks and he will love me and hug me and love me etc.......

Looking forward to cool days not like yesterday 44degs!! I hate hot weather. More to come on Thursday. Bugger.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Here are some socks I just finished for my 3yo son. They are different, not that he cares. To him they are mummy socks for ME. I thought the two balls of yarn were the same pattern, but as is obvious, they weren't. I will knit the mates for these socks later.

Here is a back view of my little darling. Notice the semi parched lawn. This is with the washing water going on it.

This cardi is knitted in handspun alpaca. Natural colours. I started this when I was PREGNANT with this child.

I finished the knitting it two days ago.

If I wanted to be mean I could make him wear it this winter. But I won't. It will go into the "gifts" basket.

But first of course I do have to find some appropriate buttons.

What do you think? Eh.

I did loose the pattern so I have adlibbed the front closure between the cables.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Here they are. Sorry that they are sideways. They are slightly too big, but as he is an 12yo, they will fit sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Socks finished

The first pair of socks for the year. At last.

Now onto finishing one previous project that has been languishing for several years. I will post a photo later of the new or is it old project. I am currently trying to post a photo of the finished socks.