Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Allmost fell by the wayside

Well,I almost bombed out of the KO's. I decided that the yarn I was using to knit my blokes socks with wasn't right. He agreed. He still wanted more socks though. What to do!

So I went shopping! At my local Bendigo Woollen Mills outlet they had 4ply machine wash pure wool in BLACK. 50gm balls $1 EACH. So I bought a pack of 20. I have now cast on the second pair of socks for my challenge. these ones are 4ply knitted double on 2.25mm needles. I am still using my sherman heel/toe. Toe-up of course 32st to start with, increasing to 74st by the arch and heel. Heel will be done on 60% of the stitches. then up the leg for 14cm with 3-2 rib increasing every10th row to allow room for his VERY LARGE calves.

Well, this is the plan so far.

I just received in the mail a package from KOGO. 4 balls of yarn to knit hats with. Two a lovely blue and two a shades of blue. Can't wait to finish these socks so I can knit up this wool into hats.

The Mystery Shawl 3 has started! I have printed out the first clue.......and am buggered. I just don't know where to start! Yes I know the instructions TEll me where to start, I just have a bad case of WTF. with it. I will do it and I will do it well. I did the 2nd one didn't I, and it turned out nice. I know this will to. I just have to knit those socks! And process those eggs And do the washing And feed the family And get over this head cold (3hrs sleep) etc etc etc

Ok, as flylady says get off my but and jump in where I am and go!


Monday, February 20, 2006

Halfway there

yes I am now halfway through my challenge for the Knitting Olympics! Yay! I have been very busy on the farm as well, so I haven't been knitting as much as I wanted too. My Big boy is now firmly ensconced in High School and my Baby is now in 3yo Kinder and LOVING it. My how time flys. Sigh.....

Yesterday was All Ford Day here in Geelong. Great day, nice in the morning, only getting hot after 1pm. My blokes car was a hit. I have never seen a car being photographed sooo much. There was never a time that there wasn't at least one person snapping. WOW. I might even post a picci of it myself. But this is MY KNITTING BLOG not his car one. So I wish I had gotten him to take a photo of me knitting in public next to the car. Oh well, at least I did knit on those bloody socks of his and so for today I finished them. I will cast on and knit the toes on both socks of the next pair tomorrow. I hope to knit them in 4 days.

I am getting desperate to start knitting on the new Mystery Shawl 3. The first clue is up, but as the challenge for the KO's has not been met yet, I must NOT start it. MmMm NO Way. But I so WANT to.

And I am guilty of not keeping my sink shined. Sorry Flylady. I'll jump in and clean it in a few minutes.

bye to all and sundry

Knit On.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Olypmics so far

On the 12th I finished the first sock for my partner. I have cast on for it's mate and have finished the toe and started on the foot. Great now I have the pattern for his socks only in 8ply but his feet are very large around, not long, so I don't know if I would particularly like to knit his socks with 4ply. Needs 62st as it is. Photo's later.


Geelong Knitting meets tonight at Sailor's Rest Restaurant. 7:30 pm . Be there.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hello Dolly

Here she is. My first knitted Babe. In all of her glory.

My 3yo son has aquired her. He insists on taking her to bed each night and also insisted that she be dressed.

He named her Dolly.

While I was making her up he kept nicking off with her. Love at first sight I think.

I cheated and knitted her on my empisal knitting machine. I wanted the doll not the knitting. I wanted to knit for HER not knit her, get what I mean?

Any way, I have started with my partners's socks from hell - meaning black as the lord of hells hairy ass - the stitches are difficult to see in bright sunlight. I am allready up to the heel from toe up. 60st round with short row heel and toe, planning to have 3/2 ribbing up the leg. My aim is for 2pairs during the Olympics.

Wish me luck.

Friday, February 10, 2006

I found the camera so here are some socks. I used shepherd Colour 4 Me 8ply, which I dyed in the ball by dunking one end into the dye. I was very surprised at how it turned out. Spiral stripes! Yay. I have been knitting other things but my 3yo has absconded with her.

Getting ready for the Knitting Olympics, and farm wise for the Commonwealth Games.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Well, I have decided to use up my stash. Which I have started on. I have just about used up all of the yarn I bought to knit the Jayne Cobb hats. So now I will have one for me!

I have restarted on the jumper for my now 3yo. I have joined the sleeves to the body and have started the decreases. Just a matter of time now to finish it. I have also finished a pair of toe-up socks for me and used up some of the Xmas exchange yarn I was given. I have made the baby ugg boots and hat. When I get the camera again I will post photo's.

Currently it is raining! Beautiful. But the mud is a bugger to get through when collecting the eggs. Oh well, a farmer rarely has the weather they need.