Sunday, January 21, 2007


Here they are.

Long Boxed Socks

I started them on Tuesday 16th Jan and finished them on Sunday 21st Jan at 5.49.

In between I still did the farm work and looked after the family.

The yarn is colonial 5ply from Bendigo Woollen Mills, colour Toffee.

Needles 2.5mm metals (from several different sets)

I knitted both in sequence. Not quite at the same time. Eg, caston knit ribbing on S1. Then repeat S2.
Do leg, swap socks, do other leg then heel flap, swap heel flap then turn etc until the socks are finished.

I really do not like grafting. Good website through Mini lessons got the job done.

Now on to other knitting.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

My last knitting for 2006 and a gift

The little top is from Debbie bliss and knitted in a wool/cotton blend. Size 0-3months for the new bub.

These little socks were knitted before I knew I was preggers. The ends have just been sewn in. There is another pair too. Knitted in Heirloom Jigsaw.

This hat was an experiment and I think it will fit a newborn. If not I will give it to the midwives to gift a new girl.

The wool in this basket ( the basket is what remains of a gourmet hamper from SS1 on christmas) Is from my Knit Talk christmas swap. Sara from Houston Texas USA, even crocheted the lovely baby hat too.

The bloke was astounded! by the generosity of knitters.

Next time, on to 2007 KNITTING.

I'M BAAACK with Crissy photos first

Well here is the Christmas spread. Two types of meat Roast pork and roast lamb with roast spuds and pumpkin. On the table on time and HOT. though christmas day wasn't the normal down under heatwave. It SNOWED on the alps and in tassie!

A good day for all. I received chocolate. and more but I cannot remember. OOOps.