Thursday, May 25, 2006


I found this and I have to agree.

Your type is: istp —The “Give 'Em Their Space” Mother

“My feelings are my own business. Not theirs.
So I honor their privacy too.”

  • Non-intrusive and respectful of differences, the ISTP mother gives her children the personal space they need to develop as separate, self-sufficient individuals. As children grow and mature, she enjoys observing how each one becomes his or her own person. She seeks to accept and honor each child’s interests, opinions, and choices.
  • The ISTP mother does not believe in authority or control for its own sake. Instead, she favors a non-directive approach. Yet she has high expectations for each child’s self-discipline as a key to self sufficiency.
  • To these ends, the ISTP mother wants to “be there” for her children—to meet their basic needs and keep them safe. Her goal is to help her children think for themselves and take responsibility for their own actions.
If you would like to try it go to

Knitting later.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Delicious Mess

This is yarn I spun for a claptois shawl. I realized afterward that it wasn't right for the peice soo it has sat for 1 year in my handspun drawer.

Yesterday in a fit of bugger its, I dyed two skeins in red and blue. Here is a sample of it fresh out of the dryer. Yes I do chuck my handspun in the dryer on low after spinning the water out in the washer. I just love how the yarn fluffs up. The slight felting is a bonus to me.

I am knitting a square 15cm*15cm for Nicola's "Wall of Yarn" with it.
The wool is fine merino and sooo soft.

More later of course.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another FO!!

They are finished! More socks for ME.

What will be next is more on the MS3 shawl only 8 rows left on clue 3 and a colour change. Socks will be started for my sister. She is turning 40 next month.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My Socks

My socks are doing well. I am allready up to the heel turn on the short row heels. I am avoiding second sock syndrome by alternating the knitting of each sock. One is my computer sock and one is the take around sock. This changes as required to keep them even.

This is the sole.

Bright are't they?. This wool is sooo soft. It would be a delight to knit a next to the skin top with this wool. No prickle at all.

This is the top.