Saturday, August 25, 2007

More knitting to get happy

booties for Milly knitted with cleckheaton merino spun. Sortof my pattern based on my experiance knitting booties. Yarn is leftovers from the Blokes socks.

This is the latest pair of pilchers for Milly. Ottbre free
pattern main colour is heirloom Bolero 8ply. contrast is doubled 4ply baby yarn. Only a day to knit.

Here is the final stages of Davids' Tomtem Jacket. I have now finished it and will show it off in due time.

Just before I go to bed..

Here is a little of what I have been doing. Had a bit of a depression which is why I havn't been blogging. The chooks went off the lay in a BIG way. which crunched the finances rather severely. Anyway, I have gotten used to it now, somewhat, and knitting has been my anchor to reality. So have the children too, especially Miss Milly.

So here are the socks I knitted for Death by Socks.

Here are the socks that Killed me. The Bloke has declared them his.