Saturday, August 25, 2007

More knitting to get happy

booties for Milly knitted with cleckheaton merino spun. Sortof my pattern based on my experiance knitting booties. Yarn is leftovers from the Blokes socks.

This is the latest pair of pilchers for Milly. Ottbre free
pattern main colour is heirloom Bolero 8ply. contrast is doubled 4ply baby yarn. Only a day to knit.

Here is the final stages of Davids' Tomtem Jacket. I have now finished it and will show it off in due time.


Cindy said...

These pictures remind me VERY much of the knitting I used to do for my children when they were young. It also, along with some of your previous posts, reminds me of how I NEEDED to make things like this for my children. It helped me to feel that I was contributing something that had value and permanence to my family. Things that were beautiful and practical! Definitely helps to keep one happy!
You will survive, just keep knitting! ;)

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

The pilcher is cute, though I shudder to think of trying to wash out the kinds of mess my son used to make!!!
The Tomten is looking fabulous,
I love the colours and the little stripes you are putting in - it will look very cool