Saturday, September 01, 2007

Tomten Jacket, Milly and a Pear Tree

Here it and my little man is. He has barely taken it off the last week.

My eldest took the photo.

Here is Milly in the suit here Aunty ann made for her. I think she was 12 weeks.

Here she is today in the sun wearing her first dress. Now 4 months old. she had her first lot of shots yesterday. Only prick marks on her legs to show for it.

I have been knitting a pair of red socks for the bloke, first one is to the toe.

I have just started knitting a bit for a local yarn producer Pear Tree in Torquay. This is what I have to knit up into booties and childrens socks. See I have one allmost finished. I also went a bit mad and bought two books. Love them both.


Gwet said...

Hi Clare,

The jacket came out really well.

Alex just wants to say "Hello David, you're my friend. I like you. One day can you come to our house?".

Hope the early spring sunshine is lifting your spirits.


Kate_knits_a_bit said...

The Tomten looks fabulous!!! And I hope you get some nice perks from knitting for Pear Tree - I've heard niiiice things about their yarn!
See how I'm not mentioning books? I'm not jealous, no, no problems with envy here, what could you possibly have that I haven't got? ;>