Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Here are the socks I have sent over to America to my sock swap partner. They are knitted with my handspun wool from my sheep. Toe up with short row toes and heels. I hope she likes them and they fit.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Picture Time

First SOCK SWAP! Thankyou! They fit and are georgous. Her socks are finished and will be mailing them today.

Fingerless gloves for 1-Stepsons' birthday plus a hat to match and 2-13yo for on the bus and class.

Yarn spun for the " TOUR DE FLEECE" The grey I ran out of so I had to change my tactics and started to spin the white merino. I have spun enough for the blokes jumper. The grey is now going to my knit sock kit swap bag. Allmost done and will post it off this week! I am determined.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sock Wars YES

I have just joined the sock wars being played by Yarnmonkey. Roll on.

You have until sept 8 to join.

But first I have to finish the socks for my sock swap partner now that life will let me and finish the sock kit swap and send it off too. Yes! I love knitting socks.

Thankyou Linda for the socks they are georgous! My bloke thought they are pretty special too.

As usual photos when I can.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This bloody computer or rather the bloody internet connection is NOT PLAYING with me right now and I cannot upload my photos.

I have been busy knitting. I have knitted two pairs of gauntlets and a hat all using stash. I am so stuck on my sock kit swap. I have had to move my sewing machine and bits'nbobs and now I cannot find what I was doing. Back to the drawing board.

On the swap front I have decided not to knit the socks I was doing for my other sock swap as they just weren't working out. My hand spun is yelling at me " NOT THIS PATTERN, UH UH NOOOO WAY!!". What can I do but listen to it. Back to the needles and stash. I'm sorry for my partner in the swap as she is now not going to get handspun merino socks. But they will be nice socks. I have realized that I have been trying to knit PERFECT socks and these just don't exist in my 'verse.

Feed back on my sisters socks SHE LOVES them. I am soo happy that they fit and she loves them. She also appreciated the Hottie cover created from our Mum's last knitting. Thanks mum wherever you are now.

Well back to knitting. and spinning.