Sunday, September 25, 2005

Busy, busy

I havn't been online for a while soo here is what I have been knitting:

2 pairs baby booties from 2005 pattern a day calender
1 matching hat
1 jumper for 2(almost 3)year old
1 pair socks for 12 yo
Started Mariposa Shawl with stash wool a nice blue from Willabaa.
Started 3month sized cardigan using handspun merino, bands in pind dyed merino.

My big news is......

I am PREGNANT....... Bugger. Once more into the fray.

I am HOPING against previous results for a girl. So far myself and my partner have 4 boys.
He 2 from marriage, me 1 , us 1. Sooo, I will be knitting quite a bit of baby stuff as it is due May 2nd just in time for winter. I had just put away all the nappies, cot etc and now have to get them back out. But not until AFTER christmas.

Off to knit some more. Bye.