Friday, September 29, 2006


Well , it has started and I think almost finished for many people. I have had email trouble, comes with living just over the distance from the exchange, dropouts and cannot get large emails pictures etc downloaded before the connection drops out. I had my stepson in melbourne check my account to see why I couldn't acess it and he just deleted what was there. There was a large one but I don't know what it was. Bugger.

I hope it wasn't my assasin. If it was I hope she emails me again just text. I still haven't got my dossier for my target but the socks are allmost done. I do have her email address and will contact her when I have them finished. Trouble is, mail takes two weeks from Australia to the Us. Sometimes even longer. This will be interesting.

I have used stash yarn that I had dyed and forgot about. The yarn I was going to use just didn't work and as cash is scarce right now a trip to the shop was out of the question. My apologies to my target. The sock is quick but I personally don't like the loose tension. It is the same as what I knit jumpers with - not socks. These will be bed socks I think or house socks. Nice and warm.

Any hoo, I cannot post them until Tuesday when a bit of money will be available. I do wish people were more diligent with payment of their bills. After all, they have the eggs, have used them and sold the product and in a restaurant you NEVER get to leave without paying so they also have had the interest also on the money in the meantime. It just really shits me that we have to almost threaten to not supply before some people will pay up! We have bills too.

Rant over....... back to normal chaos.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Back to Normal?

Ok, I think I am over the worst of my vaugeness. To answer some of the previous questions regarding the socks, I spun the wool from my sheep. The grey was 2/3rds and white 1/3 as spun in a single. I then navajo plyed the single matching up the colours as I went (sorta) to get the distinct colour changes. If you look back on my blog you will find a Iris Shrieder? short-row scarf knitted from the same yarn. Cool hey.

I also have FINALLY posted off my Knit Sock Kit Swap. I am Sooo sorry that it has taken this long Ruth. I have also received my Kit!
I have already balled up the yarn Yummy Socks that Rock mediumweight in a rosequartz colourway. I have also started the pattern on the Brittany 2.75mm birch needles. Great to work with. I think I even like the fabric it is making. Nice and firm. The pattern itself is a work of art.
I wince at what my pattern was. Sorry!

Off to process MORE eggs. Might even get some housework done today. I have been getting the boys to do the collections since they are now on School Holls for the next two weeks. Knitting night this Wednesday! I am NOT going to miss it THIS month. Bugger the boys and Bloke they will just have to do without me.

Monday, September 11, 2006

While I've Been Away.....

The last however, since I blogged many things have happened.

The chooks have been laying.....many many many eggs.

We now have 10 lambs. Of which, one set of twins to a white mother is black/white (T1black,T2white)

The family has been sick with a very bad cold (myself included) Yuck.

And to top it all off and really does explain my continued lethargy and nausea.....I am preggers again. Same time as last year, even due about the same time. Maybe this time I wont miscarry.
Six weeks down and counting. I bloody well wish the nausea would go.

Doesn't bode well to my way of thinking as last time I felt this rotten too. With my boys I was an obnoxiously glowing and healthy woman with an easy birth. I have a tiny hope that with this being totally different physically it just might be a girl ( not just another miscarriage). But I will knit with blue. The bloke has bloody strong wrigglers. Damm.

Back to knitting next time.