Monday, September 11, 2006

While I've Been Away.....

The last however, since I blogged many things have happened.

The chooks have been laying.....many many many eggs.

We now have 10 lambs. Of which, one set of twins to a white mother is black/white (T1black,T2white)

The family has been sick with a very bad cold (myself included) Yuck.

And to top it all off and really does explain my continued lethargy and nausea.....I am preggers again. Same time as last year, even due about the same time. Maybe this time I wont miscarry.
Six weeks down and counting. I bloody well wish the nausea would go.

Doesn't bode well to my way of thinking as last time I felt this rotten too. With my boys I was an obnoxiously glowing and healthy woman with an easy birth. I have a tiny hope that with this being totally different physically it just might be a girl ( not just another miscarriage). But I will knit with blue. The bloke has bloody strong wrigglers. Damm.

Back to knitting next time.


Nathalie said...

Congrats! That is wonderful news! I was sorry to hear of your miscarriage last year. I was very sick with our daughter, but very well with our son, so not sure if that will be true for you also...

Lara said...

Congratulations ! My sister in law is pregnant, and refuses to know the sex of the baby before it is born. How selfish! Doesn't she know that I have knitting to do ?

I am hoping for a girl, and she has been pretty sick, so I think purple will be ok.

Sending safe pregnancy vibes.

Kylie said...

Congratulations thats wonderful news i hope everything goes well:)