Sunday, September 17, 2006

Back to Normal?

Ok, I think I am over the worst of my vaugeness. To answer some of the previous questions regarding the socks, I spun the wool from my sheep. The grey was 2/3rds and white 1/3 as spun in a single. I then navajo plyed the single matching up the colours as I went (sorta) to get the distinct colour changes. If you look back on my blog you will find a Iris Shrieder? short-row scarf knitted from the same yarn. Cool hey.

I also have FINALLY posted off my Knit Sock Kit Swap. I am Sooo sorry that it has taken this long Ruth. I have also received my Kit!
I have already balled up the yarn Yummy Socks that Rock mediumweight in a rosequartz colourway. I have also started the pattern on the Brittany 2.75mm birch needles. Great to work with. I think I even like the fabric it is making. Nice and firm. The pattern itself is a work of art.
I wince at what my pattern was. Sorry!

Off to process MORE eggs. Might even get some housework done today. I have been getting the boys to do the collections since they are now on School Holls for the next two weeks. Knitting night this Wednesday! I am NOT going to miss it THIS month. Bugger the boys and Bloke they will just have to do without me.

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Emma said...

What an awesome pal package. Love the STR!