Friday, September 29, 2006


Well , it has started and I think almost finished for many people. I have had email trouble, comes with living just over the distance from the exchange, dropouts and cannot get large emails pictures etc downloaded before the connection drops out. I had my stepson in melbourne check my account to see why I couldn't acess it and he just deleted what was there. There was a large one but I don't know what it was. Bugger.

I hope it wasn't my assasin. If it was I hope she emails me again just text. I still haven't got my dossier for my target but the socks are allmost done. I do have her email address and will contact her when I have them finished. Trouble is, mail takes two weeks from Australia to the Us. Sometimes even longer. This will be interesting.

I have used stash yarn that I had dyed and forgot about. The yarn I was going to use just didn't work and as cash is scarce right now a trip to the shop was out of the question. My apologies to my target. The sock is quick but I personally don't like the loose tension. It is the same as what I knit jumpers with - not socks. These will be bed socks I think or house socks. Nice and warm.

Any hoo, I cannot post them until Tuesday when a bit of money will be available. I do wish people were more diligent with payment of their bills. After all, they have the eggs, have used them and sold the product and in a restaurant you NEVER get to leave without paying so they also have had the interest also on the money in the meantime. It just really shits me that we have to almost threaten to not supply before some people will pay up! We have bills too.

Rant over....... back to normal chaos.

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Cupcake Porterhouse said...

Hi, Clare! Sorry to hear about your email troubles. I'm Nikol, your assassin's assassin. I'm not sure if you've gotten her socks yet, but if you have, I wanted to get in touch to pass on my assassin's assassin's information, so you could send her your socks in progress, if you're dead already. And if you haven't gotten your socks yet, you can pass on her info to your target (or your target's target, depending...). The next one up in the line right now is, so when you get a chance, update her on your status. If she's been killed off, she can pass you on to the next one. Thanks & good luck!