Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dead Dead DEAD!!!

I am dead. Death by socks. No photo yet but they are great socks. I have after many stuffups on my end just posted off my unfinished socks to america to my killers, assasin.

I am still preggers! This is a relief, sorta. I now have the referal to the hospital and just await a date to see the doctor there. I have everything crossed that I will once again be able to looked after by the lovely midwives in the birthing unit. The only thing that I can see that could possibly disallow this is if I am having twins. Which is very unlikely.

The Bloke is quietly hoping for a girl(as am I) but I am telling myself that this is another boy. With only boys so far, I don't think the Xsperm gets much of a go. If there is any at all.

My knitting is ...... on hold. I pick up needles and wool , look through my pattern collection, put everything away and go do farm work. I think I am just too tired! I go to bed by 9 at night and often that's it until 5:30am. If I manage myself I may even get a nap midday.

Maybe the farm work will get a bit less (hah! Not bloody likely with summer almost here) and I will get over being so tired with the pregnancy then the urge to knit will once again take over?

This will be a almost winter baby so woollies are needed. So will the two mystery shawls I have on the needles. I just must finish them. I will enjoy feeding the baby snuggled up under a shawl at night.

Off to do farm work! Collect eggs, process eggs, make up orders, deliver eggs! repeat from the start.

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Knitting Rose said...

Where are you? Just because you are dead by socks doesn't mean you cant post anymore!