Friday, December 08, 2006

Returning from the HEAT.

I know I havn't posted since these arrived! The socks that killed me. Please ignore the hairy legs.

I have worn, washed and machine dried them several times now and they still look great!

Here am I, knitting at the 'cars of the world' display and concourse at Fort Queenscliffe.

A yearly, charitable showoff for all car lovers and owners.

The scarf is Iris Shriers? multi directional one. I spun the wool from my sheep for it. Playing with self striping by spinning 2/3 grey, 1/3 white.

The little spiderman looking over my shoulder is my now 4yo son.

What I am knitting? No idea, I think I have frogged it.

I also hve some more personal information. Earlier I announced that I was preggers. Well I have had a scan and it looks like I will be knitting pink. What a change.



Gillian said...

What great news!
See yu at the knit meet next week?

Knitting Rose said...

Congrats on the girl! your scarf is pretty - and spiderman is adorable. Enjoy this time - it is meant to be savored.
Funny that you weren't even sure what you were knitting and you frogged it - I do that ALL the time!