Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More Snake

Here is the underside of the snake. Definately yellow.

I have been reading the comments on the snake. Wow. I didn't think I did anything special. Righto answering questions.
RJ asked if snakes were a problem, not really you just have to be aware that they live here too. This is the second one in the house. Last year about the same time a smaller one was found just inside the front door. I saw it, pointed it out to the bloke and gave him a knife. HE scooped it out from its hiding place and then GAVE ME the knife. Bloody shit, I killed it too after he wound it up.
From this I learnt not to tell him. He is snake phobic.

Jo mentioned bed snakes. You really don't have to worry about them. This is an australian slang for your blokes short third leg/2nd brain etc. In some novelty shops you can buy bed snake bats. Ideal for those pesky prods in the night when you are just NOT interested.

On the whole snakes are to me the lesser of the bitites. My personal icky is SPIDERS. We have huntsmen(Freds) they freak me out when they surprise me. Or our lovely Red Back Spiders. These I come across weekly. Snakes yearly. Then there are the white tails. They love to hide in piles of cloths, stacks of rubbish in the garden etc.

Life is beautiful.... and dangerous.
Live it to the best of your abilities.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Thank flylady my bedroom was clean and the laundy picked up.

This little beauty was in my BEDROOM! Hiding along the skirting board. In previous months I would have found it only when it bit me when I picked up the cloths. But today, the room was clean so I saw it and disposed of it. See the blood, snakes not mine.

It is a bit bigger than in the picture. Yellow bellied black snake.. YUCK. Like I know about bed snakes , happen to be on good terms with one, but a Poisonous Snake. Shudder.
Still I did get some knitting done. I have allmost finished one of the heels on the bloke's black socks, just have to keep plugging on with it. I will finish his bloody socks!

Bye, one eye open for snakes now.

Friday, March 24, 2006


I am still knitting. Just not on one thing at a time. For some reason I am jumping from one item to another without any ryme or reason. This scatterdness has me stumped. I know I have to finish my partners socks, then there is the MSA3 that is stalled on clue 3, then there is a jumper for charity 18month size, then there is a jumper for my 3yo which I have decided to pull out and reknit in the pattern I am using for the charity jumper. Oh and I have started a cardigan for myself too. And I have started a pair of socks for myself too, currently doing swatches. Oh and a beanie for KOGO too.

I know I just have to pick one and work on it. Just do what the flylady says and jump right in. On that front I am doing OK. The house looks presentable and the washing is done on the main. I am getting used to my home looking nice. It still feels strange though. Off to knit. Bye

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Part One - the Knitting Olympics socks

Here is the first part of my KO challenge. I did wish to knit my partner 2 pairs of socks.

I did manage well with knitting these beauties in 4 days. Then I realised that this yarn is only 10% wool 5% kid mohair and 85% ackrillic. So I spat the dummy and stopped knitting for a few days.

Bless my dear blokes feet. He still preferred these socks to the explorers that he has been wearing.

I am now up to the heel on the second pair of KO socks. Slow going but with his enthusiasim ( says they feel like silk) they will be done sooner rather than later.

Whilst watching local breakfast TV - 7 Sunrise- I caught the bit on knitting. I am now knitting a v-neck jumper for charity. I am using up a faded ball of bendigo musk 8ply. got it cheep.
I have also knitted one cap for KOGO and have done a swatch in some yarn I got for my birthday. Hey I made it to 35. Go figure.

Meanwhile the MSA3 is languishing petualantly. I just cannot get clue 3 to work. I know I will eventually, just not yet.

Oh well time for bed. And my sink is cleaned.

Friday, March 10, 2006


Here is a closeup of one corner of MS3. The lighter pink is now all gone and so onto the 'rose'. I now have hit a wall. I have lost my groove.
Clue 3 has me stumped. I have knitted and tinked the first row several times and have just decided to give it a rest.

So I have cast on a hat for KOGO. The yarn was sent to me a couple of weeks ago and now a hat is on the way. Just simple K1P1 rib for now. I have knitted about 10cm this morning.

My big thing is I now can rib without looking! Happy Dance! Ok back to the farm work .

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Post Olympic Knitting

I have started on my MysteryShawl3

This is Clues 1a &b. Beautiful isn't it. I am using 8ply merino from Willabaa in Ballarat. Unfortunately, this spinnery has closed so what I have in stash is for me.. it. So this lovey will be knitted in several colours. This is the first colour and I have only a small amount left. I will then move onto a darker pink, then it will be purple then lastly blue. The colours go well together.

This clue has blocked out to 56cm a side. I am going to have a lovely snuggly blanky for this winter. I am sooo pleased with myself. Thankyou Renee for this design.

The socks are continuing as well, they are now my passenger socks.