Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Part One - the Knitting Olympics socks

Here is the first part of my KO challenge. I did wish to knit my partner 2 pairs of socks.

I did manage well with knitting these beauties in 4 days. Then I realised that this yarn is only 10% wool 5% kid mohair and 85% ackrillic. So I spat the dummy and stopped knitting for a few days.

Bless my dear blokes feet. He still preferred these socks to the explorers that he has been wearing.

I am now up to the heel on the second pair of KO socks. Slow going but with his enthusiasim ( says they feel like silk) they will be done sooner rather than later.

Whilst watching local breakfast TV - 7 Sunrise- I caught the bit on knitting. I am now knitting a v-neck jumper for charity. I am using up a faded ball of bendigo musk 8ply. got it cheep.
I have also knitted one cap for KOGO and have done a swatch in some yarn I got for my birthday. Hey I made it to 35. Go figure.

Meanwhile the MSA3 is languishing petualantly. I just cannot get clue 3 to work. I know I will eventually, just not yet.

Oh well time for bed. And my sink is cleaned.

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