Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More Snake

Here is the underside of the snake. Definately yellow.

I have been reading the comments on the snake. Wow. I didn't think I did anything special. Righto answering questions.
RJ asked if snakes were a problem, not really you just have to be aware that they live here too. This is the second one in the house. Last year about the same time a smaller one was found just inside the front door. I saw it, pointed it out to the bloke and gave him a knife. HE scooped it out from its hiding place and then GAVE ME the knife. Bloody shit, I killed it too after he wound it up.
From this I learnt not to tell him. He is snake phobic.

Jo mentioned bed snakes. You really don't have to worry about them. This is an australian slang for your blokes short third leg/2nd brain etc. In some novelty shops you can buy bed snake bats. Ideal for those pesky prods in the night when you are just NOT interested.

On the whole snakes are to me the lesser of the bitites. My personal icky is SPIDERS. We have huntsmen(Freds) they freak me out when they surprise me. Or our lovely Red Back Spiders. These I come across weekly. Snakes yearly. Then there are the white tails. They love to hide in piles of cloths, stacks of rubbish in the garden etc.

Life is beautiful.... and dangerous.
Live it to the best of your abilities.

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