Monday, February 20, 2006

Halfway there

yes I am now halfway through my challenge for the Knitting Olympics! Yay! I have been very busy on the farm as well, so I haven't been knitting as much as I wanted too. My Big boy is now firmly ensconced in High School and my Baby is now in 3yo Kinder and LOVING it. My how time flys. Sigh.....

Yesterday was All Ford Day here in Geelong. Great day, nice in the morning, only getting hot after 1pm. My blokes car was a hit. I have never seen a car being photographed sooo much. There was never a time that there wasn't at least one person snapping. WOW. I might even post a picci of it myself. But this is MY KNITTING BLOG not his car one. So I wish I had gotten him to take a photo of me knitting in public next to the car. Oh well, at least I did knit on those bloody socks of his and so for today I finished them. I will cast on and knit the toes on both socks of the next pair tomorrow. I hope to knit them in 4 days.

I am getting desperate to start knitting on the new Mystery Shawl 3. The first clue is up, but as the challenge for the KO's has not been met yet, I must NOT start it. MmMm NO Way. But I so WANT to.

And I am guilty of not keeping my sink shined. Sorry Flylady. I'll jump in and clean it in a few minutes.

bye to all and sundry

Knit On.

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Jan said...

And it might be summer down here, but Flylady says proper shoes,preferably laced.No slides etc!

4 days for socks? Quick knitter. I have abad elbow at the moment and I'm being careful; not to kknit too much at any one time, althugh I really don't think it makes a difference. however,at least I can tell doc I am taking it easy.

I still ahve half the second side edge of Mystery shawl 2 to do. Put it aside when it got hot as it waas heavy in my lap.