Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Allmost fell by the wayside

Well,I almost bombed out of the KO's. I decided that the yarn I was using to knit my blokes socks with wasn't right. He agreed. He still wanted more socks though. What to do!

So I went shopping! At my local Bendigo Woollen Mills outlet they had 4ply machine wash pure wool in BLACK. 50gm balls $1 EACH. So I bought a pack of 20. I have now cast on the second pair of socks for my challenge. these ones are 4ply knitted double on 2.25mm needles. I am still using my sherman heel/toe. Toe-up of course 32st to start with, increasing to 74st by the arch and heel. Heel will be done on 60% of the stitches. then up the leg for 14cm with 3-2 rib increasing every10th row to allow room for his VERY LARGE calves.

Well, this is the plan so far.

I just received in the mail a package from KOGO. 4 balls of yarn to knit hats with. Two a lovely blue and two a shades of blue. Can't wait to finish these socks so I can knit up this wool into hats.

The Mystery Shawl 3 has started! I have printed out the first clue.......and am buggered. I just don't know where to start! Yes I know the instructions TEll me where to start, I just have a bad case of WTF. with it. I will do it and I will do it well. I did the 2nd one didn't I, and it turned out nice. I know this will to. I just have to knit those socks! And process those eggs And do the washing And feed the family And get over this head cold (3hrs sleep) etc etc etc

Ok, as flylady says get off my but and jump in where I am and go!



melissa said...

the cast on for the mystery shawl was an absolute bitch (please pardon me for swearing )of a thing ..i attempted it 5 times before i got it tighten it(the cast on ) up and it closes ..can 't be seen ..very tricky in many ways .
i have got to row 17 .i started on wednesday . i have been pretty slack ..worked today, knitted gnomes yesterday !
thank goodness i am behind as they found a few mistakes on the 2 nd chart.. stupid me didn't realise there was a 2nd chart for a few dumb hours !(i thought the first little chart was the 1st clue .( **hits forehead with palm of hand . duh .***)
i don't know how you are with the circular cast on apologies if you know it backwards ..i found this" educational" really helpful
(its emily ockers tutorial )

Nathalie said...

what a bargain - black comesin handy with heaps of sock projects! You rock with flylady! keep spreading teh word

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

You lucky thing,I love Bendigo mills,managed to convince DH 2 years ago to go via the city so I could finally see the mills..Disappointed We couldn't see the mill in action but the shop was bliss,the kids just glazed over when we walked in,we were there for a while,,,,,,