Monday, January 23, 2006

I Joined !

Righto. I found out about the yarn harlots knitting olympics and so have joined.

I have finally decedided to knit socks. Not just any socks, noooo, these are Black socks for my darling.

They will be knitted toe-up, sherman heel/toes, 3/2 rib until the yarn runs out. Or I will have to join yarn in and knit for 25cm for the leg. I feel I will have to increase along the foot as his instep is 11" round and the ball of his foot is 9" . His ankle is 11" but his calf increases to 16". Seriously BIG calves.

Hey seriously muscly bloke here, once a weightlifter and rugby player. So you get the image. mMMM.

So my Knitting Olympic Challenge is to knit him 2 or more pairs of BLACK as sin socks and he will love me and hug me and love me etc.......

Looking forward to cool days not like yesterday 44degs!! I hate hot weather. More to come on Thursday. Bugger.

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