Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Here are some socks I just finished for my 3yo son. They are different, not that he cares. To him they are mummy socks for ME. I thought the two balls of yarn were the same pattern, but as is obvious, they weren't. I will knit the mates for these socks later.

Here is a back view of my little darling. Notice the semi parched lawn. This is with the washing water going on it.

This cardi is knitted in handspun alpaca. Natural colours. I started this when I was PREGNANT with this child.

I finished the knitting it two days ago.

If I wanted to be mean I could make him wear it this winter. But I won't. It will go into the "gifts" basket.

But first of course I do have to find some appropriate buttons.

What do you think? Eh.

I did loose the pattern so I have adlibbed the front closure between the cables.

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