Monday, June 12, 2006

Wool doesn't BURN, it just smoulders

This is what happens to a wool jumper when exposed to the very hot exhaust of a brushcutter. Even the owner, my bloke, was glad he was wearing this and not a synthetic. He is extremely pissed off with himself too, as in his words, " This is my best jumper, its the ONLY one that keeps me warm".

I will now have to spin and knit him another. Meanwhile, this one will be washed and I will do my best to darn the holes so he can wear it again. Since he burnt it we have had -2deg nights and 10deg days. BRRRRR

Does anyone have any ideas on how to darn the burns? Please let me know.


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Jan said...

Old fashioned darning would probaly show uplumpy or bubble-like.

I haven't done needle felting but have seen it suggested as darning. It might be worth investigating. Whatever you do would prolong the wear, even if it'sonly for more brishcutting!

I used to darn my sons' jumpers when they were small with applique. Pieces of materials cut into different shapes and sewn on with zigzag stitching or by hand. One jumper had a scene of house and fence etc slowly built up on it. It also added to the warmth. Do you think your bloke would like daisies?? LOL