Sunday, June 25, 2006


What to do. I what knitting along on the 4th mystery shawl and had done 6 ROWS of the 3rd clue when disaster struck!!

is stuffing with my brain again! Ok the disaster was after knitting several rows I noticed a big hole where a hole should not have been. I had dropped a stitch. It had run. I tried to knit it up but I have admitted defeat. The red shawl is now being frogged. About 6 to 10 hours of knitting is buggered. I am pissed off with myself for letting this happen. It looked sooo nice. Well now I get to knit it again. ...yay?

Otherwise I have finished my sisters socks and have started on my sock kit. He He. I have done some creative recycling of some knitting my mum did over 15 years ago. It was a camoflage boucle jumper just in peices. I did the burn test on the yarn and I beleive that it is mainly wool. No idea what brand so here are the peices front, back and a sleeve, no pattern and not cast off at all.Hmmm..... Here is my hot water bottle with no cover. Hmmm...... the front/back covers the hottie when frolded in half ......Hmmmmmm.....If i frog down so the knitted peice is just longer than the hottie and I sew up the side and 3ndle cast off the stitches I will have a great Hottie Cover. Yay The ribbing is up at the top now and holds the bottle in. The water stays nice and hot for a long time and best of all..

My MUM made it.

I still miss her.

I will make another for my sister. It may make her cry...................too.

On the other hand. NO ONE posted that they were the 4,000th caller. I checked and I was 4001. Well I have decided that the comment made closest, either before or after, will get some hand spun yarn from me. I will email them soon.

Photos on my next post.


Nathalie said...

I was 3994 on Friday night and then I was 4009 on Saturday late afternoon. Do I qualify? I have never yet won a blog contest!

metal and knit said...

I cant see the counter so i dont know what it was when i was there yesterday.It wont show me the counter.