Thursday, April 27, 2006

Two Great Finished Objects!!

Firstly after 2plus years of effort and cussing. TTaa Daa... my partners dream car.

A Ford GT40 replica.

Not an original colour but so what. I am very proud of him and of myself as I did help too. In this photo it has just been REGISTERED. Now he can drive it to his hearts content.

Now for My FO.

Green socks for my 3yo. He has been pestering me since I measured him up for them to finish. Now they are and I cannot get them off him. He is rather determined to have more knitted for his feet.

Apologies for the photo as he just would NOT stand still for a photo. He just wanted to dance. Sweetie.

Now casting on more socks.

1 comment:

Jan said...

Cute and a good colour for a 3 year old. I made Patonyle feather and fan socks for Miss 2 last year. She loves them too and now, nearly 4, wants more. Even wears them on the rough surface of the trampoline.

Why shouldn't little ones have nice cofy socks too? Only problem is that once they get the feel for them,they want more and more!