Sunday, April 23, 2006

No self control

LOOK, this is what I found in a new to Geelong shop. Stitchery Blue from Williamstown has opened a shop in Ryrie St, just down from Grithiths Book store. Lovely, just lovely.

Italian yarn but most likely Australian wool. I bought two balls and they will become socks for ME.

I also bought 2mm needles and that is what I have swatched with. I really like the hand of the fabric and it knits up soo soft. The yarn was just under $10 a ball too. 100% merino, 8ply. There is also a good range of solid colours too.

Currently knitting other socks. More when finished.


Emma said...

Lovely yarn. Thos will be some great socks!

Jan said...

Gorgeous colours.

Jan said...

I was in Sydney today and had a look in Tapestry Craft. Loved the range of colours in that wool but it was almost $13 ball! There was one other colour, soft icecream pinks, greens and whites and that was $10.95/ball. You did well.