Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Lovely start to the Day

Today at 7:30am

What a beautiful morning. Lots of thick fog and only 6deg c.

This is a promise of a lovely sunny clear day. The Chookies will love it.

Hat No 2 is now done. I carried a strand of patonlyle along with the blue. Any comments on the effect?

I didn't like the patonlye as a sock so this is a way of using it up. It adds a bit of interest I think.

Now to finish another pair of socks, start a pair of socks for me and get back into the mystery shawl. Oh and I have cast on another hat too.


Dipsy said...

Hi from Austria! Oh, what a beautiful morning-photo, tjis is certainly the promise of a great day to begin!
And I do love your hat, the effect you did with carrying the extra strand with it looks fantastic!

Gillian said...

Hi Clare
It was a great morning yesterday too!
We walked with friends from Bell's Beach to Point Addis and back (my friend from Sydney was very impressed) Sadly I didn't take the camera
I love Autumn with the misty but crisp mornings and the sunny days.

knitnneedle said...

HI Clare -

I read your posts on socknitters! Still amazed about that snake in your house. And, YOU killed it. Impressive. I am scared silly of snakes. I am on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. We have water mocassins also known as cotton mouths. Very poisonous and quite aggressive. Never had one in the house.

Are you anywhere near the hurricane that is pounding Australia? Hope not. We had Rita last Sept. It really beat the heck out of us! Business dropped off to 1/2 of what it was before Rita but it is coming back around now. Hang in there! Keep on knitting - it does help.