Friday, December 02, 2005

knitting slowly

I knit daily, just not as much as I would like. I spin weelky, just not as much as I would like. I think about cleaning, on accasion. And clean, not as much as my family would like.

I am TRYING to get going with flylady,
my flesh is weak,
the needles speak,
so the sink goes uncleaned for another week. ( a few days really, it didn't ryme).

ALLLLLLLmost finished my mystery shawl2. I will post a photo eventualy.

Rain rain come and stay, please keep the mozzies away.

1 comment:

Nathalie said...

flylady takes time to get sorted out with your life. it doesn't help that the emails all arrive overnight! go easy on yourself! LOVE THE POEM!