Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New knitting - SOCKS

I am kntting these for me. They are toe up, turkish cast on with a reverse heel. The slip heel stitch is on the bottom of the heel just where I need it. I have just picked up the stitches and done the first decrease row of my reverse gusset. I just hope this works out. As you can see they are very fraternal. I love it.



the stripey tiger said...

Hi Claire I cant make out the label - Magic stripes - Is that lion brand?? They look great! :-)

the stripey tiger said...

Sorry that should read "Hi Clare..."

Clare said...

Yes it is Lion Brand magic stripes. I received it from america in a Xmas swap.

melissa said...

Question answered .. what great wool ..
i have sock wool( plain ol'patonyle) that needs to be knitted into socks ,....I even joined the summer sock knitting thingy .. so far i have one sock done ..