Sunday, May 08, 2005

Been shopping

Yesterday, after my partner and I had delivered our eggs, I went yarn shopping to the Knitters Yarn Shop. This shop handles end of run, discontinued and damaged yarns . It was great!
I found several bags of sock wool, it looks like patonalye, in several colours. Two ply pure wool in cone ends, enough for a jumper, plenty of black wool for my parners black socks, 8 ply as he likes thick socks. I found it hard to choose as I liked most of what I saw. They had bought the remaining yarn from Bagabo and it is on sale too. I erge? you to go and looksee. They also have synthetics.. Their address is 1-3 lincoln st, laverton north, near the poultry chophouse. Website:
go and see for yourself.

The chooks the chooks are calling, come collect our eggs.

Bye Clare


Sharon said...

Hi Clare, just dropped by to say hi and happy knitting, sounds like you got some great buys from your LYS.

Jan said...

Found your blog through Donna's Aussie knit list and have ordered some wool from that place.

melissa said...

hello . you've been tagged . see my blogg to get the ? 's

Harriet said...

Thank you for the link to the knitting yarn shop, I ordered some wool the day I found it and ordered some more the day I received the first lot - they have great service and great wool at great prices, I can't believe my luck after searching for such an online store for years! thanks again!