Sunday, January 06, 2008

So much done and to do.

The sound of silence......................... I wish. New strange fact about me, I have weak ankles. Here is the relevance.

I was walking with Milly in my arms and my ankle rolled. I went down and didn't get her out of the way enough. End result baby with cast on.

That was before Christmas, just. So here she is Xmas day Firstly with her pressies, and later pulling herself around with her cast.

It was taken off on the 3rd, 2weeks and 5 days from it happening.

On the 1st, I did it again to my left ankle. But worse, not carrying bub (thank goodness) but I stepped down off the feed cart and over i went. 90kilos on a turned left ankle. I swear that was the most painful thing yet! Not broken, I allmost wish it was. sigh..........................

Milly is really crawling quite fast now and pulling up on things.

Made up Xmas swaps and will post them on monday. Late. Bad bad swapper. That is why the ankle happened, KARMA.

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