Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Life has moved on.

Here are the socks that KILLED me. Yes they have been worn and washed several times allready. Thankyou and on to the next round!

The hat I made for my oldest stepson. He is now in Delft, holland studying areonautical engineering for six months. I finished the hat on the way to the airport to say goodbye. It is two strands. One bendigo 5ply classic and 8ply alpaca. I was stoked that when I gave it to him He PUT IT ON. In front of family and friends.

This in my 4yo holding a old babydoll. The knitting on the doll is new. Just put together for the new baby.

wool is bendigo 8ply classic in musk. I just hope it fits the new bub. Oh and that they got it right and the baby IS a girl.

These are pilchers knitted from the free pattern on the Ottobre site. I made them out of 8ply natural wool. It took just under 1 50gm ball. I think they will fit OK for a new born. More are on the needles.

Last but by far not least here is my birthday present. A chest of drawers for my stash. Oh well, at least most of it.

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Jan said...

You've been very busy! I hope it hasn't been too hot for you, I'm in Sydney which hasn't had Adelaide and Perth high temps, but it has been extrememly humid with temps here about 33 at my place with humidity in the 80%. I remember being pregnant , 8 months, in January. Fortunately he was three weeks early.