Sunday, March 25, 2007


Here they are in all their glory MAD-TINI SOCKS.

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laurie in maine said...

Had a nice visit reading your blog (not just scoping out my competition!) You're going to have a baby?!!! My sister-in-law is due next month. It will be a boy they say...I still feel a little superstitious knitting much before he arrives. On the lookout for my first baby boy sweater pattern. My neighbor knit one with a zipper in the back for my daughter (24 years ago) and I remember it being the easiest thing to put on a sleeping/fussy baby. Will have to "google" it and see what I can come up with.
Good luck on round 3 Sock Madness - kind of wish it stayed timed finishes until the last 8 or so. Friendly group knitting is more my thing! It's been fun, though. I've only been knitting socks a year or so. Still run into a lot of techniques I have no idea on earth what to do. Thank goodness for the internets! ;) Finished my first picot ruffle yesterday (not sure why...not being a ruffle kind of person!)