Sunday, October 09, 2005

Mystery Shawl 2

I have just joined the Mystery Shawl2. Last night I knitted up the first clue. Here it is.

I have chosen some red 2ply merino which I have knitted double on about 3mm needles. I am quite chuffed on how this is going so far.

While watching Bathust today I intend to keep on knitting the 2nd clue. I will post when I have finished it.

I really needed to start another project right now. Like a hole in the head. Still working on the list from the previous post as well.

I am very stalled on the first decrease row of the Mariposa and just don't want to work on the jumper for youngest son but I will make myself. The little cardi is going well if slowly, just 4 rows short of the armholes and do you think I can get motivated to do it? Nup. So I start another project. Hah.

10 weeks along now and I am resigned to this being another boy. Not that I have had a ultrasound yet, but I feel that this will be a lovely little bruiser just like his big brother. Blonde, blue eyed and swarthy skinned. Looks like a surfer. With a very determined mind.

Bye, the race is almost starting.

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