Monday, October 31, 2005

Getting there

I am now up to clue4 on the Mystery shawl2. I changed the yarn I was using to a 2ply blue merino. It is knitting up a treat on 4mm needles. a picture later. I have just received word that my AKSP has received my parcel only 4 days from when I sent it. This is from Geelong to California USA. I have problems getting my mail within Australia in this time. How do they do it?

On the farm I am almost caught up with the processing! Now I just have to get into the Flylady routines a bit more and continue getting the house in order. I am now much better than I was 3 or 4 months ago. I usually have a clean sink and benches I just have to work more on the floor.

Off I go now to knit a bit then more eggs Today I am determined, sprained ankle and all, to do todays eggs TODAY.

Keep knitting Clare

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melissa said...

its a bit like that regarding the shawl ..i'm up to rw 24 on clue 4 .. and have to confess not knitting anything , not one row over the weekend .
tonight and tomorrow i hope to have clue 4 finish , the instructions to clue 5 pondered and understood . (wish me luck )
i have inspiration to get cracking ..i had a quick look at clue 5 .. cindy from portland had it up(a piture that is ) ... ohh it looks sooo lovely and i want mine to look like that ..! NOW