Thursday, July 14, 2005

secret pal

I have just received my first package from far away in America. It contains a book Confessions of a knitting heritic and a scein of cherry hill farm sock yarn. Fantastic! I love them both.

I have read most of the book already. I now know that I am a combined knitter. Great! And I have balled the yarn up ready to knit myself a pair of socks. I just have to finish my darling parners' pair first. As I have just finished my first short row heels with no holes! I am rolling along towards the toes. They should be finished by friday. Yay! Except that I have allready been requested to knit more, many many more sock for him. He has even bought the yarn ready. His socks will be my travelling project. or my socks will be.

Had some great finds in garage sales. A brand new coffe machine for $5 and a easeyo maker also for $5. Both work a treat! Hot chocolates for bedtime every night and the 12yo has learnt to froth his milk very nicely, thankyou. Maybe a future job as a coffee maker( dammm, I just cannot remember the proper name for this job! Bugger).

Off to do the last egg collection, out into the mud and rain. Oh the life of a farmer. Great isn't it.
At least I don't have to worry about the sheep getting flystruck right now.

Bye from a wet Victoria.


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Annie said...

yum yoghurt, the easiyo makers are great.