Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My new Secret Pal has come through!

OK this is what I have sent to my SP as parcelNo.3 I think I am now up to date. I just hope she likes it. I know that she received the first parcel which had some handspun samples I did for her and a 200gm ball of bendigo bouckle? in light blue. Her acknowledgment was not,, urrr what I would call happy. The last (2nd) one consisted of a knitting bag I made for her and a skein of special wool I made just for her 240mt long and needles and the pattern for a clapotis based hat. I hope that she likes it. I do try but I think that some people expect much more that others can provide.

After my first SP didn't sent me anything in three months I asked for another one and got a lovely woman in America. These are what she sent me.

They are the book "confessions of a knitting heretic" and a skein of cherry tree hill sock yarn. Bloody beautiful. The book is very useful and I do reccommend it.

I have been to the Bendigo Sheep and Wool show this past saturday and also to the Bendigo Woollenmills back room. Great place if you can get to it. At the show I bought two books and will show and tell next time.

Off to do farmwork Bye

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