Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hugh's Ribbed Longies

top back of pants and bottom is front

I just knitted these up. I made up the pattern as I went. Here is the pattern. So I don't forget how to make them.

Yarn Cleckheaton prints 8ply machine wash 2 and a bit 50gm balls
Needles 5.5mm for main and 3.25mm for waist band circulars both

Cast on 40 stiches for each leg (pretend you are doing 2 socks at once)
Knit 2 by 2 ribbing until it is 11cm long

Start increasing in pattern 2st at inside leg every 5th round 4 times (16st per leg)

Tricky bit.


Cast on using turkish caston 16 sitches (8front, 8 back). By using this cast on you avoid sewing up later.

Keep on knitting in 2 by 2 rib for 2 rounds then do first of 3 short row blocks. These make room for nappy in back.

Work to end of gusset, wrap and turn, work to end of gussett, w&t, work to previous w&t, pickup wrap and work with stitch, work another 7st then w&t, work to w&t then another 8st etc....

So you work an extra 8 stitches into each short row until all are used. Go back to working rounds.

When back is around 10cm work next set of short rows then last set at 16cm. work 5 more rounds.

Change to smaller needles. Work in 2by2 rib still.
Work 20 st then K2tog 8 times (in rib, so knit knits and purl purls) work 40st then another K2tog 8 times, work 20. You have now decreased for your waistband.

Keeping in 2 by 2 rib work 5 rounds, then work yarnover, K (or P) 2 tog, this is your drawstring holes.
Work another 10 rounds. Cast off with larger needle. Sew in ends. and make twisted cord, thread through.

Yay longies done. These fit Hugh now and I have to turn up the legs by half. I predict he will be wearing them many months from now. He is around 5 weeks now. Photo of him in them soon.

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