Thursday, July 19, 2007

Off to Bendi I go

After much humming and harring, I have decided to go to the Bendigo wool and sheep show. I think I need the break. Milly is being a beautiful baby but I am feeling like....null and void really. Chooks aren't laying due to the cold and wet weather. Well, duh really, it IS winter. So this shouldn't come as a surprise, but it does. So with the reduced lay rate comes the reduced you know what but the bills just keep coming.

I have been so brainless lately. Lost my purse for 3 days.. it took me that long to admit that I had lost it. Cancelled cards then rang the shop where I last remembered seeing it. It was there intact. Now I don't have cards until next week. I also have lost the paperwork that I had to fill out for Milly. Now I have to request more, such a twit right now.

I am quite resenting the blokes smoking habit lately. such a waste of money so pointless, smelly etc. I want to spend time with HIM not his habit, it makes me feel so sick and he doesn't get it.

No1 step son is back from OS. This will be interesting. No2 step son turns 21 on saturday. His meal has been requested and his present will be the latest Harry Potter book. He allready knows this.


sue said...

Bendigo Sheep and Wool show is great. I went about 2 yrs back with my mum. I bought quite a bit of sock yarn, and some other things from the stalls inside the big shed. I am sure it will do you good to have some time away for a bit, and get your headspace back to being your own again.

Sue H said...

Hi Clare, just noticed you are the team captain for Team Oz 2 in the Dish Rag Tag. Well, it's nearly time for "game on", and may the fastest team win. hehe. You have my Mum and my Daughter on your team, lucky girl.
Sue, Team Captain, Team Oz 1.