Thursday, May 24, 2007

Here is my lovely girl at 4 weeks.

I forgot to name her in the previous post, so here is :


otherwise known as Milly.

Here are
the georgous flowers from my sister-in-law

And just to compare, here she is at 2 weeks.

I have been knitting, photos next post? We'll see.


Jan said...

Pink suits Milly. She's certainly grown and filled out. Esther was one of my grandma's names, and I always fancied it for a girl of my own. However, it doesn't really go as a boy's name and I had three boys! LOL.

have you been busy knitting or are some of these lovely things gifts?

Cindy said...

Oh well done Mum!
And what yarn is that that dear Millie is wearing in the top photo? It looks lovely as well!

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely LOVELY bit of work! Milly is beautiful!

Many many goodwishes and care to you and your new family,

Ithaca, NY

pacalaga said...

Oh, she's beautiful! I missed the announcement on the sock madness flickr group. What a sweetie.