Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Oh no! it has started! And what have I been doing? Spinning yes but not on my challange. I have been spinning sock yarn. Knitting socks, 1pair for me? 1 pair for swap, writing a pattern for the Knit Sock Kit Swap and making the bag etc....

As well as my normal programming. Boys fed, school, chooks fed/let out, eggs collected and processed, lunch, play with younger, collect eggs and process, elder home from high, Tea and last collection and shutting the sheds up. Bed time for younger, older , parent time housework and bed for parents.

Oy! when I write it up there is a bit to do. Oh yeah, I have discovered that I no longer have the prepared fleece I was going to spin for the challenge so NOW I have to spin RAW fleece.

Lucky I have 30plus fleeces to choose from. Oh what an embarresment of riches.


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