Saturday, June 25, 2005

Not knitting

So far I havn't had much time for knitting. But I have been fondling my small stash and eyeing off my sliver stash for spinning. I am still working on a jumper for my 2 yo. Only the front and back from the armholes to go. I have just lost enthusiasim.

I am STILL trying to get photo's up. Maybe I just am not supposed to show what I am doing. Bugger. Weelll, I am now working up to knitting my dear other half some socks. He has very large calves. He wants BLACK and he even bought me the yarn. Doesn't that just say a lot. He is a very appreciative man. I knitted a handspun jumper for him and he wears it alot. In public.

Thats me done. Bye

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Weeeellll, Long time no blog. Over the last weeks I have been in the wars. so to say. I have had 4 wisdom teeth removed at once and 1 molar which had shattered. I have been living in a drug induced fog for the last week. Funn. Just believe me when I tell you that I KNOW when the 4 hours is up, it is healing nicely but I have just been to bommed out to do anything but the basics. My 12 yo son is the best. So is my partner, he has stopped smoking as well!! YAYYYY.

Now I shall try to post some pictures.

Knitting has been slow as I have wanted to sleep more than anything. I have also been given TWO knitting machines. One is a tabletop empisal single bed. Works a treat. The second is a standalone Passap 80 twin bed. I havn't used it yet. So a whole new land has emerged for me knitwize. Still knitting by hand will allways be my preference I think.

I will try to do the tag later today.