Saturday, June 25, 2005

Not knitting

So far I havn't had much time for knitting. But I have been fondling my small stash and eyeing off my sliver stash for spinning. I am still working on a jumper for my 2 yo. Only the front and back from the armholes to go. I have just lost enthusiasim.

I am STILL trying to get photo's up. Maybe I just am not supposed to show what I am doing. Bugger. Weelll, I am now working up to knitting my dear other half some socks. He has very large calves. He wants BLACK and he even bought me the yarn. Doesn't that just say a lot. He is a very appreciative man. I knitted a handspun jumper for him and he wears it alot. In public.

Thats me done. Bye

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Sharon said...

Are you having trouble posting your photos? Blogger now have their own photo hosting service. If you need any help sing out :)